Granny Villas offers complete design and engineering services to get your ADU through city plan check and ready for construction. After working with you to perfect the layout and dimensions of your villa (in accordance with your city's requirements), Granny Villas will complete all the architectural design plans required.  After that comes structural engineering work, inclusive of various reports and required plans.  


At project completion, your ADU has passed plan check and is ready for you to take to your contractor to begin construction, or provide to multiple contractors for quotes.

Granny Villas also offers construction administration and construction management.

Planning & Design

We will work with you to customize the design and layout for your backyard home, based on your city and HOA's requirements. You will also be able to add the features that are important to you, like a walk-in closet.

granny flat design
Engineering & Plan Check

Building a home from the ground up comes with significant architectual and engineering needs. Our licensed engineers will create the plans, and work with the city to make sure your job passes plan check.

granny flat engineering