Before Your ADU Can Be Built...

One common mistake homeowners make when they decide to build an ADU is to immediately begin looking for a contractor.  In reality, there is a substantial amount of work that needs to take place before construction, and even before you can get an accurate quote from a contractor.

So how should a homeowner get started? Previously, a homeowner would need to hire an architect to investigate the possibility of building an ADU, and maybe do some conceptual designs.  This could result in the homeowner spending as much as $10,000 for the architect's time, and still have the risk of not be able to build!


If the architect successfully submitted designs, then the homeowner would have to find and hire an engineer. The engineer would be the one responsible for all of the structural calculations and plans to make sure the ADU is safe and to code.  Ultimately, it is the engineer who will submit the final plans to the city for plan check and approval. Once approved, then you are ready for construction.

Granny Villas streamlines and simplifies this process. By working with a single team, the transition from design to engineering to your approved ADU moves quickly and efficiently. With transparent pricing, there are no surprises, and no ridiculous costs if your property ends up being unbuildable.

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